KGR Keyword Research for SEO

Keyword Recharge for SEO

KGR Keyword research for SEO

Before keyword research understanding the keyword intent is imported. To rank a website by keyword research have to identify the keyword intent otherwise website is not going to rank on search engine.

How KGR keyword  is effect on SEO?

Keyword research also known as (SEO keyword research or keyword analysis) is the process of identifying the terms and phrases people enter into search engines to find relevant website and pages.

That means when you have something in your mind and you go to search engines and search some keyword then get some relevant website.

When you search something there is some intended behind that search. Searcher intent describe the way behind a person’s search query and what their intent goals is for that search. Searcher intent is commonly categorized into different buckets.

Identify KGR keyword for SEO intent


There are different types of keyword research intent:

Informational keyword research – Queries that focus on finding specific information or answers.

Suppose your shower head got broke and you go to Google then search “how to fix shower head” or “how to replace shower head” so it’s called informational intent.

 Navigational keyword research – Queries that typically involve brand, product or services name and they are used to fine a particular website or page.

Suppose you are looking for a shower head and you search on Google “Grohe shower head” you mention here a brand name and product name so it will show you all of this product in this brand. It’s called navigational intent.

 Commercial keyword research – Queries that inform purchasing decisions but aren’t directly tied to conversions and offer involve comparisons.

Suppose you Google “best shower head 2021” that means you want to see what is bet best shower head in 2021 but you not telling you will buy it. It’s called commercial intent.

Transactional or Buying keyword research – Queries that are directly associated with purchasing.

 Suppose you search on Google “buy shower head” it’s called transactional intent.

Geographical keyword research – Queries are associated with location. Like “plumber near me” or “plumber in New York” it’s called geographical intent.

Some examples of keyword research:

  1. Best SEO Specialist in New York [Commercial]
  2. Top Digital Marketer in 2021 [Informational]
  3. eArt Digital Marketing Agency [Navigational]
  4. Local SEO Pricing [Transactional]
  5. Digital Marketing Agency in New York [Geographical]
  6. Digital Marketing Agency in Near Me [Geographical]

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