Digital Analytics Tools

Digital Analytics Tools help you to track, report and measure all the data from your website and digital marketing campaigns.


Digital Analytics Tools is Important?

Digital Analytics Tools is important for companies to know how their content perform and how many people are viewing their website. This way, they can take necessary actions on where to spend time and money, optimize the content for better results in the future.

There are various digital analytics tools available, some of them free and others paid but with a free trial period. They provide a range of information like: traffic source where did the visitor come from, number of page views how many people visited your site, bounce rate how many visitors left after one page viewed, page conversion rates etc. Some of these tools also allow you to create reports so you can compare them over time or compare two different sites etc.

Digital Analytics Tools

Digital Analytics Tools

Google analytics

Google analytics, among other tools, has become an essential part of being a marketer. It has many features that are beneficial to all marketing channels and can be used for making strategic decisions in the marketplace.

Google Analytics
Google Teg Manager

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager helps you manage all your online marketing efforts in one place: Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Pixel are just few of the many available integrations. Focus on what matters for your business and never miss a beat! Stay ahead of the game by following best practices from experts that use the same tools as you do every day.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool that helps webmasters and site owners understand the crawling, indexing, and ranking of their sites. It also allows developers to see what Googlebot sees when it crawls their site.

This section provides information about Google Search Console which is a free tool for anyone who owns or manages a website. It provides webmasters with an understanding of how Google views their site and also allows developers to see what Googlebot sees when it crawls their site.

Google Search Console
Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixel is a code that can be placed on Facebook page, which tracks the behavior of the site visitor.

The Facebook Pixel is a web technology that allows Facebook to track who is visiting a website and what they do while they are there. The pixel is implemented as 1×1 transparent GIF with an additional parameter – “invisible” in the HTML code.

The pixel tags are used to track user actions on webpages and retarget ads back to specific people based on those actions. This allows businesses to increase conversion rates by personalizing their advertising based on what someone has done rather than just showing them more ads for products.

It helps you understand your audience and how they’re interacting with your content, helping you optimize it for success at every stage of the customer journey.


Digital Analytics Tools

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