Google Business Profile Optimization

Google Business Profile Optimization

Google Business for local Business

Google Business Profile is a free local marketing tool that allows business owners and marketers to manage how their business is displayed on Google Search and Google Maps.

Google Business Profile SEO is a bundle of several measures with which you can massively increase the visibility of your company in search results. To achieve this, you have to take several steps. In addition, a basic understanding of important services such as Google Business is required in order to position your company optimally. In our Local SEO Services, we will optimize which factors are important for your business.

46% of all searches have local intent and that business location is the main piece of information sought by local searchers.

How does Google Business Profile relate to your Local SEO?

In order for a company to be found via search engines, several online marketing measures are required. First of all, this includes a “search engine-friendly” website in order to achieve a good ranking in normal (organic) search results. Depending on your keywords and the competition, the on-page and off-page SEO required for this can, however, cause an enormous amount of effort. Especially if your company offers its products or services in a certain city or region, Google Business Profile SEO is an important addition to your online marketing strategy. With relatively little effort, with Google Business Profile SEO you have the option of being listed in the search result before the organic hits and appearing directly in the map service.

Why is Google Business Profile is important for local search results?

The latest figures from Hubspot show how important local SEO is for companies. Almost every second search query (46 percent) is about local information. A full 97 percent of searchers become aware of companies online. The conversion rate is also impressive: 72 percent of customers visit a company within eight kilometers after finding an entry on Maps. In the case of mobile users, 88 percent of them either call the store they found or visit them in person within 24 hours.

How can Google Business Profile rank in Google Maps?

Before you dig deeper into Google Business Profile SEO, it is important that you know which ranking factors the local search is based on. In contrast to the organic search, there are essentially only three criteria that play a role here:

  • Relevance
  • Distance
  • Awareness / importance
Google’s goal is to provide each customer with the result that best matches their search. In order to be able to assess this, the Google search needs as much and up-to-date information as possible about your company. You essentially provide this via Google Business Profile.


If no specific location is mentioned in the search query, the Google search uses location information or the IP address to determine where the customer is currently located. On this basis it is then possible to determine the distance to your company location. However, distance is less important than relevance. That means: It is not necessarily the closest company that receives first place in the hit list, but the provider whose information offer corresponds most closely to the algorithm. We therefore recommend that you keep your My Business entry up to date at all times – especially if Google actively suggests this.

Awareness / importance

This factor is relatively new and didn’t play a role in the old logic of Google Places. Therefore it should definitely be considered in the online marketing strategies. Today, however, the search engine incorporates several points into this criterion in order to optimize the results. Very well-known things such as famous brands, hotels or museums are therefore very likely to be highlighted in the search results. But even lesser-known companies have the opportunity to get one of the top spots.

Google Business Profile is a free local marketing tool that allows business owners and marketers to manage how their business is displayed on Google Search and Google Maps.

  • Increase your visibility on the Web
  • Share appropriate Information with your Potential Customers
  • Answer the queries of your Potential Customers in Real-Time
  • Boost your appeal with Reviews
  • Increase Traffic and Sales
  • Free Google Advertising
  • Get a verified profile
  • Ask for reviews and testimonials
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